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  • Personalized Wedding Keepsake Frame-Preserve Your Bouquet & Memories

    Your Wedding day will go so fast and you just want to remember and enjoy every moment. Keep your wedding day memories alive and safe with one of ou...
  • Just For Fun- Red Nose Day 2019 We Can Make A Bouquet Out Of Anything!

    We had fun making our Red Nose Day 2019 Alternative wedding bouquet! And, ALL proceeds from the sale will go to the fundraising for Comic Relief 2019.

    We wanted to show you just how we can make a Wedding Bouquet using almost anything. So, If you are having an alternative wedding and would like something very different for your Bouquet or Buttonholes we can make it.

  • What Is A Brooch Bouquet?

    What Is A Brooch Bouquet? Our Brides tell me every day how their guests were amazed by their brooch bouquet because they had not ever seen one before, so they are perfect for a Bride who would love something a little different for her Wedding. Let's face it, we do want our Wedding to be different to the last Wedding we went to.
  • Why 85% of Brides Wear a Wedding Garter- Guest Blog

    It’s one of the bridal industries best-kept secrets, you can search a bridal magazine from cover to cover and not find one pictured, wedding planners and organisers ‘forget’ to remind you when you need to start looking for yours. 
  • How do I preserve my wedding bouquet?

    How To Display A Brooch Bouquet The bouquet is an essential part of the traditional wedding. Many brides, and even bridesmaids have a special att...
  • How On Earth Do I Plan My Wedding?

    Don't Panic.......Organising your wedding can seem like a scary, massive, daunting task. We should be feeling excited and on top of the world a...
  • Deciding On Your Wedding Theme For A Seasonal Wedding

    Creating a magical winter wonderland your guests will never forget is not difficult, I promise you... Fill your venue with silver and sparkle! Lots of fairy lights and glitter. Your crystal bouquet can be full of sparkly brooches which you could also display on your top table instead of going to the expense of using flowers. Hire a smoke machine for an added wow factor.
  • Why Do Our Brooch Bouquets Sparkle So Much?

    We source our Swarovski Crystal Brooches overseas because we only use quality cut glass crystal brooches for all brooch bouquets from our Modern Bouquet Range. We also Include Swarovski Crystals in our brooch bouquets and our crystal bouquets.
  • Why Do Brides Carry A Bouquet

    Why Do Brides Carry A Bouquet?