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What Is A Brooch Bouquet?

Brooch Bouquets are still a newcomer to the Wedding Industry. Brooch bouquets have become so popular because:

  • A Bride can have her bouquet customized to suit her personality.
  • A Bride can include a special keepsake from a loved one.
  • A brooch bouquet can be beautifully displayed long after her Wedding day.
  • Your Brooch bouquet will make a fabulous Wedding keepsake and keep your memories alive.
  • A good brooch bouquet will not tarnish and will look as good as it did on your Wedding day for years to come.
  • Any colours can be included to suit a Brides wedding theme.

This is an image of a bling brooch bouquet full of coloured brooches for a wedding

    Our Brides tell us every day how their guests were amazed by their brooch bouquet because they had not ever seen one before, so they are perfect for a Bride who would love something a little different for her Wedding. Let's face it, we do want our Wedding to be different to the last Wedding we went to.

    We also want our Wedding guests to be talking about our Wedding day for years to come.

    This is an image of a brooch bouquet with pearls a beautiful wedding keepsake

    How we make our Brooch Bouquets

    Our Vintage Brooch Bouquets are made with genuine vintage brooches which we source from vintage stores, ebay and sometimes some brooches come from the Bride to Be. We spend months looking for the right type of brooches just for one bouquet, so they suit our customer.

    All of our Modern Sparkly Brooch Bouquets are filled with Quality glass brooch which we source from Overseas. We only use a certain type of brooch which will not tarnish and the glass helps them sparkle.

    We hand wire each brooch until we have enough for a Brooch bouquet, when we will secure the brooches together in a design which looks beautiful.. a bit like a jigsaw puzzle.. 

    We wrap the bouquet handle with beautiful lace or a sparkly fabric for our Modern Bouquets. 

    This is an image of a lace bouquet handle for a 1950s wedding

    We my add lace of feathers under the brooches above the handle, depending on our brides Wedding theme.

    I love to add a string of pearls the the top of the bouquet or wrap the pearls around the handle and secure with a pin. 

    Of course, you will not be throwing your bouquet away after your Wedding Day!

    Brooch Bouquets are beautiful Wedding Keepsakes and you will look at your bouquet with a smile long after your Big Day.

    This is an image of how to display a brooch bouquet after a wedding

    See HERE how to display a Brooch Bouquet.

    Thank you for reading and if you have any questions please ask.



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