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Why Do Brides Carry A Bouquet

Your beautiful bouquet finishes off and compliments your wedding dress and the theme of your Wedding. But have you ever wondered why a bride carries a bouquet…


Well.. I was very curious..

We all love flowers whether in our home or to give as a gift but even more so at our wedding day, the biggest day of our lives!

The bridal bouquet is an essential part of a brides outfit and I found it was so important not only to carry something beautiful but also have something to hold onto while I walked down the aisle.

But, when did carrying a bouquet down the aisle start and why?

As you probably guessed..many years ago and actually in ancient Rome.

A Bride would carry or wear flowers believing they signify new beginnings, fidelity and a hope of fertility.

Although in the Middle Ages the carrying of a bouquet was a little less glamorous. Brides would carry herbs and spices not only to ward off evil spirits but also to cover up any body odour…

If you have been watching Victoria on the telly you may have noticed Queen Victoria carried a small bouquet of her favourite flowers. Victoria was actually and big trend setter when it comes to weddings and we still continue to follow her trend today wearing a white wedding dress.

Queen Victoria wedding bouquet

In Victorian times lovers often sent flowers expressing their love and each flower had a different meaning, their exchange soon became very popular in expressing love. And so, flowers became popular with Brides as an expression of love. The flowers a bride chose became her special flower for the rest of her life.

Although in modern times brides select flowers for the colour & shape, so they have become slightly less personal.

Brooch bouquets have also become extremely popular in the past few years. Brooch bouquets allow a bride to include very special pieces of jewellery with sentimental value and significant memories of their Grandmother or Mother which they can treasure forever.

I think Queen Victoria would have loved a vintage brooch bouquet, don’t you?

Multi coloured brooch bouquet for a wedding



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