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Why Do Our Brooch Bouquets Sparkle So Much?

sparkly slver brooch bouquet for a wedding
We are so proud of the quality of our Crystal Bouquets and Brooch Bouquets and wanted to explain why our Brooch Bouquets Sparkle, why our Crystal Bouquets catch the light and twinkle and why they will last you a lifetime after your Wedding Day.

Our Modern Brooch Bouquets

We source our Swarovski Crystal Brooches overseas because we only use quality cut glass crystal brooches for all brooch bouquets from our Modern Bouquet Range. We also Include Swarovski Crystals in our brooch bouquets and our crystal bouquets.Purple brooch for a wedding brooch bouquet
  • These special brooches are hand crafted using only top quality glass, metals and clasps.
  • All of our brooches are non-tarnish, which is so important for your bouquet to look the same in years to come. We do not use cheap brooches you may see on Ebay.
  • Advanced technology and a precise process perfects every detail by hand.
  • All brooches are hand polished until they sparkle

Lots of colours available, please just ask…..

Our Swarovski Crystal Bouquets

  • We only use the best quality glass crystals. Plastic does not sparkle so is not used for your  crystal bouquet.
  • Our Swarovski Crystals will catch the light and can produce rainbow colours in your room.
  • We also only use not tarnish wire when we hand wire each crystal on your crystal bouquet.
  • Almost every colour in the rainbow is available to suit your Wedding colour theme.
  • Our beautiful glass brooches can also be included in your crystal bouquet.

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